Our Story

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The LITS Crew

Karthy (Founder, Sauce Wizard, wearer of many hats): With over 11 years of retail sales experience, and a passion for cooking and all things spicy, Karthy's goal for LITS has always been to share a positive customer experience and bring people together. "The feeling you have when you share good food together.. it's the best way to connect with people regardless of ethnic background, age, location, political views, etc. I've been fortunate enough to grow up around so many different cultures and while doing so, have had my fair share of home-made hot sauces which elevated my food to the next level - I created LITS so I can share that experience with everyone."  

Lost in the Sauce: Our Story

It all started with the "need"...

The need for a hot sauce that was more than just an after-thought to spice up a dish. Something that you could come back to and not get tired of...

LITS started in 2018 after my best friend Brandon's dad, Eddie Boodoo, taught me how to make his home-made West Indian pepper sauce, which inspired our OG Boodoo. Just like food, there's nothing quite like home-made hot sauce. Spice without flavour is nothing to savour, and flavour without spice, just ain't right. That's why with all of our sauces, we emphasize the balance between flavour and spice. We want you to enjoy the food you put our sauces on, rather than knock out your taste buds immediately with something too hot to handle. 

What started as a simple experiment in the kitchen, lighted the fire to take a chance on a life's passion, and lead the way to making an ever-growing line-up of products to share with as many as we can. And with that... we hope we can get you LOST IN THE SAUCE too!

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A Dedication
To our mom's, our friends & family, everyone that has supported us along our sauce journey, thank you! We couldn't do this without you.
To Brandon Boodoo:
This entire journey and experience is one that we wish Brandon could be here to take with us. Brandon unfortunately passed away a year before LITS started, but it was one of the catalysts in starting our sauce journey. His bright spirit, the one that could liven up any crowd fortunate enough to have met him, will live on in the LITS journey. This is one way we can continue to feel connected to him. Rest easy Boodoo. Love always.
To Eddie Boodoo:
Thank you.
This wouldn't have been possible if you didn't help pave the way. You're still the true OG Boodoo. 
Thank you to everyone else that has helped support the LITS journey! Stay saucy!